Headlights and Taillights

Below is a collection of downloadable Excel models for your personal use.  In many cases, they were used to build the charts and graphs in a post on a given topic.  You can download them and populate with your own assumptions to see how you compare.

Health Insurance Comparison Model

Shows how a high deductible health insurance plan compares to other options (like an HMO or PPO) across a range of different annual medical expenses.

College Cost Funding Model

Shows how the present value of college funding resources (existing 529 balances and present value of future savings assumptions) compares to the present value of anticipated college expenses.

Portfolio Stress Test Model

Stress test your investment portfolio and asset allocation to see how it would perform in a repeat of the Great Recession.  Shows the maximum declines by asset class and overall, as well as days to return to break even.

GOP Tax Reform Comparison

Editor Note: This model is no longer relevant since up an updated version of the tax reform bill was passed into law, so I have removed the download link.

Compare your tax liability under current law with the GOP’s proposed tax reform as of November 2nd, 2017.  Includes how the proposed changes might impact deductions you can take and your spending/tax/savings rates.  Disclaimer: I am not a tax expert, so don’t rely on this.

Financial Independence Analysis Model

Calculate your current percent progress and time to financial independence, stress test changes in assumptions, and see impact of changes to savings, spending and investment portfolio balance.  Includes both simple and detail projections.  The model was used to analyze our journey to financial independence; click here to read parts one (where we’ve been), two (where we’re going) and three (overview of model functions).

John started Present Value Finance in 2017 to share his experiences and insights on personal finance to help people make better decisions and take control of their financial lives.  

He achieved financial independence in 2016 by walking away from the high stress world of corporate finance to focus on his family. He’s a husband, father, family CFO, and all around finance geek.