Happy 1-Month Birthday, PVF!

Birthday Cake

Yesterday marked one month since I started posting on Present Value Finance.  After spending time reading other blogs and joining a few forums, that quote from Socrates never rang more true:

True knowledge is knowing you know nothing.

While I feel good about making a start, I recognize now more than ever that making this project work is going to require a lot of grit and determination.  And that I’ve got a ton to learn about the business side/back-end of running a successful blog.  Luckily there’s a great group of fellow bloggers out there that I’ve started to tap into for ideas.  With any luck, I’ll look back on this all and laugh at my ignorance.

The Stats

  • Posts: 11
  • New Users: 69
  • Page Views:142
  • Average Session Duration: 2:06
  • Bounce Rate: 74.36%
  • Twitter Followers: 6
If I could sum it up in one word: uninspiring.  But, hey, I’m a glass half full kind of guy so I’m really just experiencing what every new blogger does.  The trick is to power through to next month, not lose faith and just keep posting.  If you build it, they will come, right?
Quick aside: if you ever happen to find yourself driving through Dyersville, Iowa, I’d highly recommend running the bases at the Field of Dreams.  Love that movie.

Recap of Goals

I only had one goal for the first month in: post something, anything.  I bought the domain earlier this year and would go on mini writing binges here and there over the summer.  I ended up with about a dozen posts in various states of completion and never really got one far enough that I felt comfortable pulling the trigger.
I basically threw myself in the deep end of the pool to get this project up off the ground.  Some posts are good, some aren’t, but they’re all more useful than the ones still sitting in my drafts.

Goals for Next Month

  • Post at least once a week.  That works out to another five posts to get me to the middle of November.
  • Try to write at least two posts a week.  I’ve got a list of posts ideas that will take me out into mid-2018, so no shortage of material.  I need to test whether that sort of pace is doable given my other commitments.  If nothing else, this will give me some posts ready to go for guest posting/if I’m too busy to write one week.
  • Growth in users and page views from prior month.  I don’t have a specific growth target in mind, I just want to see it grow.
  • Have at least one big spike in traffic, e.g. a mention on Rockstar Finance.  This one is completely out of my control, but would be a big plus!
  • Last would be continue to learn about what I need to do on the back-end to promote the site, get a growing social media presence, explore adding an affiliate program and build an email list.
So here’s to the first month of PVF!  Thanks for those of you who have read my musings so far.  I hope we can continue to learn and grow together into the future!

John started Present Value Finance in 2017 to share his experiences and insights on personal finance to help people make better decisions and take control of their financial lives.  

He achieved financial independence in 2016 by walking away from the high stress world of corporate finance to focus on his family. He’s a husband, father, family CFO, and all around finance geek.


  1. Found your site through Rockstar Forums. Congrats on the one month anniversary. You’re definitely way ahead of me compared to when I first started. I had a whopping 6 page views in the first month, and 26 in the second. Ha!

    Looking forward to your future posts!

    1. I was actually going to do the same thing and just tack it onto my financial update.

      The second month was t bad. Visitors and page views were both up triple digits but that’s as much due to where I started. Hope to keep up that growth up once I’m bigger. How did month 2 go for you?

  2. Awesome first month! Very similar to mine so I feel like I’m doing something right! I love reading about how others are faring on this blogging journey, I know we each have our own paths and we shouldn’t compare but I think it’s beneficial.

    1. Thanks, I appreciate the kind words. My first month was actually way back in September, I just finally got around to setting up my site to revive old posts on Twitter. This was the first post it decided to randomly push out. Go figure.

      In case you’re curious, here’s how the trends have gone since month one for pageviews.

      Sept: 112
      Oct: 299
      Nov: 381
      Dec: 90 (I was sick over the holidays so basically too the month off)
      Jan: 27 so far

      Good luck and keep it up!

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